A new standard
in fermentation

We leverage microbial fermentation to produce high-quality, nutritional and functional ingredients. After intensive testing, we selected this approach for its quick scalability and market-readiness. We reduced production costs and de-risked the technology through our simple, scalable downstream process.

''We do not fall in love with our solution. We fall in love with our partners’ problems.

Dr. Felipe Lino

The benefits of fermentation

The premise of biomass fermentation is directly aligned with Nosh’s focus: sustainability, circularity, and zero waste. Bypassing dependency on arable land, natural resources, and fossil fuel usage.


Carbon neutral


Zero waste

Clean label

Animal free

Our facilities in Großröhrsdorf.

Fermentation products significantly reduce emissions and resources needed from plant-based products.

We have built on microbial fermentation to design a process where we can retrofit available fermentation capacity from existing food grade infrastructure: this allows for leaner cost structures and quicker upscaling.

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We have moved at the speed of light since Nosh’s incorporation.

Our unique approach to retrofitting adjacent industries gives us a significant competitive edge. We bypass the high CAPEX and OPEX costs and delayed market entry others face. Instead, we overcome industry speed limitations and enhance economic viability.

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